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A new Green Vehicle Guide website will be launched in 2015
To ensure that the Green Vehicle Guide (GVG) website remains a relevant source of information for Australian consumers, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will be launching a new GVG website in 2015. The new website will be a result of the consultation process conducted in 2011 and 2012. The Department would like to thank all stakeholders for their contributions to this process.

The new website will be consistent with the approach suggested in the 2012 consultation paper and will place a greater emphasis on CO2 emissions, while continuing to provide information on fuel consumption, air pollution, noise and fuel lifecycle emissions.

Under the new approach vehicles will be ranked by their tailpipe CO2 emissions, the current 'star' rankings will no longer be used.

The new default rank order will be as follows:

  1. CO2 emissions (combined, then urban, then extra-urban);
  2. energy consumption;
  3. air pollution standard (ie. Euro 4, 5 & 6);
  4. fuel consumption (combined, then urban, then extra-urban);
  5. noise; &
  6. alphabetical order (manufacturer - model - variant).

The look and feel of the GVG website will change and we will be taking the opportunity to investigate the addition of new features and the modification of old features to make the new site more user friendly.


View the Green Vehicle Guide monthly factsheets here.


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