Vehicle Comparisons - Sellers Vs Performers

Not all cars are the same - even within the same vehicle category. Once you have identified your requirements in a vehicle and chosen a category of vehicle that best suits those requirements, you can compare how the top sellers and top performers rate against each other and your requirements, before making your decision. By choosing a vehicle with a higher Green Vehicle Guide (GVG) star rating you can reduce your future vehicle’s impact on both climate change and urban air quality.


The GVG provides an overall rating for all new light vehicles sold in Australia based on their combined greenhouse rating and air pollution rating. The ratings for the top overall performers and the top sellers listed on the homepage of the GVG are based on the best performing variant of that model. Variants with different engines and transmissions may have lower scores. There are also some models just outside the top performers list which have the same overall rating as vehicles in the list. To see the latest top sellers/performers lists see the GVG home page or the GVG factsheets.


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